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Recent progress in photodetectors based on low-dimensional nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Li, Zhenhui; Xu, Ke; Wei, Fanan

Simulation Analysis on Photoelectric Conversion Characteristics of Silicon Nanowire Array PhotoelectrodesThis result set contains:

Zhao, Yong; Yu, Jin; Fang, Li-Guang; Zheng, Jun; Wang, Hui-Qin; et al.

Single-crystalline chromium silicide nanowires and their physical propertiesThis result set contains:

Hsu, Han-Fu; Tsai, Ping-Chen; Lu, Kuo-Chang

Solid lipid nanoparticles encapsulating a fluorescent marker (coumarin 6) and antimalarials – artemether and lumefantrine: evaluation of cellular uptake and antimalarial activityThis result set contains:

Attama, Anthony A.; Kenechukwu, Franklin C.; Onuigbo, Ebele B.; Nnamani, Petra O.; Obitte, Nicholas; et al.

State-of-the-art photodetectors for optoelectronic integration at telecommunication wavelength This result set contains:

Eng, Png Ching; Song, Sun; Ping, Bai

Structure design and photocatalytic properties of one-dimensional SnO2-TiO2 compositesThis result set contains:

Chen, Yuan; Liu, Bitao; Chen, Junfang; Tian, Liangliang; Huang, Lei; et al.

Substantial Improvement of Short Wavelength Response in n-SiNW/PEDOT:PSS Solar CellThis result set contains:

Ge, Zhaoyun; Xu, Ling; Cao, Yunqing; Wu, Tao; Song, Hucheng; et al.

Tunable white light emission by variation of composition and defects of electrospun Al2O3–SiO2 nanofibersThis result set contains:

Zhou, Jinyuan; Sun, Gengzhi; Zhao, Hao; Pan, Xiaojun; Zhang, Zhenxing; et al.

Tuning the influence of metal nanoparticles on ZnO photoluminescence by atomic-layer-deposited dielectric spacerThis result set contains:

Liu, Monan; Chen, Rui; Adamo, Giorgio; MacDonald, Kevin F.; Sie, Edbert J.; et al.