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Low-cost formation of bulk and localized polymer-derived carbon nanodomains from polydimethylsiloxaneThis result set contains:

Alcántara; Cerda Zorrilla, Mariana; Cabriales, Lucia; Rossano; Hautefeuille, Mathieu

Microstructure, optical properties, and catalytic performance of Cu2O-modified ZnO nanorods prepared by electrodepositionThis result set contains:

Jiang, Xishun; Lin, Qibin; Zhang, Miao; He, Gang; Sun, Zhaoqi

Nanowire Lasers This result set contains:

Couteau, C.; Larrue, A.; Wilhelm, C.; Soci, C.

Nanowire Optoelectronics This result set contains:

Wang, Zhihuan; Nabet, Bahram

A new strategy for TiO2 whiskers mediated multi-mode cancer treatmentThis result set contains:

Xu, Peipei; Wang, Ruju; Ouyang, Jian; Chen, Bing

Observation of a photoinduced, resonant tunneling effect in a carbon nanotube–silicon heterojunctionThis result set contains:

Aramo, Carla; Ambrosio, Antonio; Ambrosio, Michelangelo; Boscardin, Maurizio; Castrucci, Paola; et al.

Optical microfibers and nanofibersThis result set contains:

Wu, Xiaoqin; Tong, Limin