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Detection of Majorana fermions by Fano resonance in hybrid nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Xia, Jun-Jie; Duan, Su-Qing; Zhang, Wei

Determination of all Dimensions of CdSe Seeded CdS Nanorods Solely via their UV/Vis SpectraThis result set contains:

Adel, Patrick; Bloh, Julian; Hinrichs, Dominik; Kodanek, Torben; Dorfs, Dirk

Different Technical Applications of Carbon NanotubesThis result set contains:

Abdalla, S.; Al-Marzouki, F.; Al-Ghamdi, Ahmed A.; Abdel-Daiem, A.

Dispersion features of complex waves in a graphene-coated semiconductor nanowireThis result set contains:

Yu, Pengchao; Fesenko, Volodymyr I.; Tuz, Vladimir R.

2 Dissimilar friction stir welding of aluminum alloys reinforced with carbon nanotubes This result set contains:

Pantelis, D.I.; Karakizis, P.N.; Dragatogiannis, D.A.; Charitidis, C.A.

Dynamics of Optically-Generated Carriers in Si (100) and Si (111) Substrate-Grown GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Shell NanowiresThis result set contains:

delos Santos, Ramon; Ibañes, Jasher John; Balgos, Maria Herminia; Jaculbia, Rafael; Afalla, Jessica Pauline; et al.

Effect of aluminum doped iron oxide nanoparticles on magnetic properties of the polyacrylonitrile nanofibersThis result set contains:

Ourang, Armin; Pilehvar, Soheil; Mortezaei, Mehrzad; Damircheli, Roya

The effect of CuO modification for a TiO2 nanotube confined CeO2 catalyst on the catalytic combustion of butaneThis result set contains:

Yao, Guansheng; Wu, Liangpeng; Lv, Tai; Li, Juan; Huang, Yanqin; et al.