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Effects of surface grafting of copper nanoparticles on the tensile and bonding properties of flax fibersThis result set contains:

Sherief, Zajna; Xian, Guijun; Thomas, Sabu; Ajith, Anu

Emerging applications of label-free optical biosensorsThis result set contains:

Zanchetta, Giuliano; Lanfranco, Roberta; Giavazzi, Fabio; Bellini, Tommaso; Buscaglia, Marco

Grain boundaries in nanocrystalline catalytic materials as a source of surface chemical functionalityThis result set contains:

Landau, Miron V.; Vidruk, Roxana; Vingurt, Dmitro; Fuks, David; Herskowitz, Moti

Highly-ordered silicon inverted nanocone arrays with broadband light antireflectanceThis result set contains:

Zhang, Dong; Ren, Weina; Zhu, Zhichao; Zhang, Haifeng; Liu, Bo; et al.

Hydrogen Evolution at a Single Supported Nanoparticle: A Kinetic ModelThis result set contains:

Eikerling, M.; Meier, J.; Stimming, U.

Influence of surface chemical properties on the toxicity of engineered zinc oxide nanoparticles to embryonic zebrafishThis result set contains:

Zhou, Zitao; Son, Jino; Harper, Bryan; Zhou, Zheng; Harper, Stacey

Ion-Selective Ligands: How Colloidal Nano- and Micro-Particles Can Introduce New FunctionalitiesThis result set contains:

Chakraborty, Indranath; Jimenez de Aberasturi, Dorleta; Pazos-Perez, Nicolas; Guerrini, Luca; Masood, Atif; et al.