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Selection of stabilizing agents to provide effective penetration of gold nanoparticles into cellsThis result set contains:

Elagin, Vadim V.; Sergeeva, Ekaterina A.; Bugrova, Marina L.; Ignatova, Nadezhda I.; Yuzhakova, Diana V.; et al.

Selenium and tellurium nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Piacenza, Elena; Presentato, Alessandro; Zonaro, Emanuele; Lampis, Silvia; Vallini, Giovanni; et al.

Shell-Isolated Nanoparticle-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SHINERS) Based on Gold-Core Silica-Shell NanorodsThis result set contains:

Li, Song-Bo; Li, Li-Mei; Anema, Jason R.; Li, Jian-Feng; Yang, Zhi-Lin; et al.

Silver and carbon nanoparticles toxicity in sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus embryosThis result set contains:

Manno, Daniela; Serra, Antonio; Buccolieri, Alessandro; Panzarini, Elisa; Carata, Elisabetta; et al.

Size and Shape Controlled Synthesis of Pd NanocrystalsThis result set contains:

Zhang, Jiawei; Li, Huiqi; Jiang, Zhiyuan; Xie, Zhaoxiong

Spray cooling characteristics of nanofluids for electronic power devicesThis result set contains:

Hsieh, Shou-Shing; Leu, Hsin-Yuan; Liu, Hao-Hsiang

Strain field determination in III–V heteroepitaxy coupling finite elements with experimental and theoretical techniques at the nanoscaleThis result set contains:

Florini, Nikoletta; Dimitrakopulos, George P.; Kioseoglou, Joseph; Pelekanos, Nikos T.; Kehagias, Thomas

Structural and magnetic properties of iron nanowires and iron nanoparticles fabricated through a reduction reactionThis result set contains:

Krajewski, Marcin; Lin; Lin; Brzozka, Katarzyna; Lewinska, Sabina; et al.