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Coupling of deterministically activated quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride to plasmonic surface lattice resonancesThis result set contains:

Proscia, Nicholas V. ; Collison, Robert J. ; Meriles, Carlos A. ; Menon, Vinod M.

Coupling single emitters to quantum plasmonic circuitsThis result set contains:

Huck, Alexander; Andersen, Ulrik L.

3D Hierarchical Bi2S3 Nanostructures by Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and Chloride Ion-Assisted Synthesis and Their Photodetecting PropertiesThis result set contains:

Ding, Taotao; Dai, Jiangnan; Xu, Juan; Wang, Jin; Tian, Wu; et al.

Designing photonic topological insulators with quantum-spin-Hall edge states using topology optimizationThis result set contains:

Christiansen, Rasmus E. ; Wang, Fengwen ; Sigmund, Ole ; Stobbe, Søren