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Characterization of magnetic nanoparticle systems with respect to their magnetic particle imaging performanceThis result set contains:

Ludwig, Frank; Eberbeck, Dietmar; Löwa, Norbert; Steinhoff, Uwe; Wawrzik, Thilo; et al.

Chemical Routes to Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption (SEIRA) SubstratesThis result set contains:

Stanglmair, Christoph; Neubrech, Frank; Pacholski, Claudia

Clinical studies Diagnosing disease by nanomechanical olfactory sensors – system design and clinical validationThis result set contains:

Schmid, Daniel; Lang, Hanspeter; Marsch, Stephan; Gerber, Christoph; Hunziker, Patrick

Coherent nonlinear optics of quantum emitters in nanophotonic waveguidesThis result set contains:

Türschmann, Pierre ; Le Jeannic, Hanna ; Simonsen, Signe F. ; Haakh, Harald R. ; Götzinger, Stephan ; et al.

Coherent Raman scattering with plasmonic antennasThis result set contains:

Fast, Alexander ; Potma, Eric Olaf

Color science of nanocrystal quantum dots for lighting and displaysThis result set contains:

Erdem, Talha; Demir, Hilmi Volkan

Colour centre generation in diamond for quantum technologiesThis result set contains:

Smith, Jason M. ; Meynell, Simon A. ; Bleszynski Jayich, Ania C. ; Meijer, Jan