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Computational evaluation of amplitude modulation for enhanced magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermiaThis result set contains:

Soetaert, Frederik; Dupré, Luc; Ivkov, Robert; Crevecoeur, Guillaume

Construction of a novel microfluidic experimental setup for testing recent glaucoma drainage devices This result set contains:

Kara, Emre; Kutlar, Ahmet Ihsan; Güngör, Kıvanç

A contemporary review on – polymer stereocomplexes and its biomedical applicationThis result set contains:

Saravanan, Muthupandian; Domb, Abraham J.

Copper nanoparticles as an alternative feed additive in poultry diet: a reviewThis result set contains:

Scott, Abdullah; Vadalasetty, Krishna Prasad; Chwalibog, André; Sawosz, Ewa

Correction: Carbon-based smart nanomaterials in biomedicine and neuroengineeringThis result set contains:

Monaco, Antonina; Giugliano, Michele

Cost-efficient nanoscopy reveals nanoscale architecture of liver cells and plateletsThis result set contains:

Mao, Hong ; Diekmann, Robin ; Liang, Hai Po H. ; Cogger, Victoria C. ; Le Couteur, David G. ; et al.

Current and future prospects for nanotechnology in animal productionThis result set contains:

Hill, Emily K.; Li, Julang

Design and characterization of a new peptide vector for short interfering RNA deliveryThis result set contains:

Chen, Baoling; Xu, Wen; Pan, Ran; Chen, P.

Design, challenge, and promise of stimuli-responsive nanoantibioticsThis result set contains:

Edson, Julius A.; Kwon, Young Jik

Designing the future of nanomedicine: current barriers to targeted brain therapeuticsThis result set contains:

Herda, Luciana M.; Polo, Ester; Kelly, Philip M.; Rocks, Louise; Hudecz, Diána; et al.