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Development of NIPAAm-PEG acrylate polymeric nanoparticles for co-delivery of paclitaxel with ellagic acid for the treatment of breast cancerThis result set contains:

Suri, Suruchi ; Mirza, Mohd. Aamir ; Anwer, Md. Khalid ; Alshetaili, Abdullah S. ; Alshahrani, Saad M. ; et al.

Development of resistant corn starch for use as an oral colon-specific nanoparticulate drug carrierThis result set contains:

Ab’lah, Norul Nazilah; Konduru Venkata, Nagarjun; Wong, Tin Wui

The disordered boundary of the cell: emerging properties of membrane-bound intrinsically disordered proteinsThis result set contains:

Mohammad, Irrem-Laareb; Mateos, Borja; Pons, Miquel

Does nanobiotechnology create new tools to combat microorganisms?This result set contains:

Zielińska-Górska, Marlena K.; Sawosz, Ewa; Górski, Konrad; Chwalibog, André

Dynamic mechanical behavior of nano-ZnO reinforced dental compositeThis result set contains:

Mahna, Shubham ; Singh, Hemraj ; Tomar, Sumit ; Bhagat, Deep ; Patnaik, Amar ; et al.

Dynamics of Nanostructures for Drug Delivery: the Potential of QENSThis result set contains:

Deriu, Antonio; Di Bari, Maria Teresa; Gerelli, Yuri

Effect of carbon black nanomaterial on biological membranes revealed by shape of human erythrocytes, platelets and phospholipid vesiclesThis result set contains:

Pajnič, Manca; Drašler, Barbara; Šuštar, Vid; Krek, Judita Lea; Štukelj, Roman; et al.

Effect of gadolinium-based nanoparticles on nuclear DNA damage and repair in glioblastoma tumor cellsThis result set contains:

Štefančíková, Lenka; Lacombe, Sandrine; Salado, Daniela; Porcel, Erika; Pagáčová, Eva; et al.