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Topics:Magnetic Materials and Spinx
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Magnetic Properties of Cluster Glassy Ni/NiO Core–Shell Nanoparticles: an Investigation of Their Static and Dynamic MagnetizationThis result set contains:

Ji, Jhong-Yi; Shih, Po-Hsun; Chan, Ting-Shan; Ma, Yuan-Ron; Wu, Sheng Yun

Magnetic Properties of Colloidal FerromagneticsThis result set contains:

Blums, Elmars; Cebers, Andrejs; Maiorov, Mikael M.

Magnetic properties of iron cluster/chromium matrix nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Fischer, Arne; Kruk, Robert; Wang, Di; Hahn, Horst

Magnetic properties of self-organized Co dimer nanolines on Si/Ag(110)This result set contains:

Michez; Chen; Cheynis; Leroy; Ranguis; et al.

Magnetic properties of TiO2/graphitic carbon nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Typek, Janusz ; Guskos, Niko ; Zolnierkiewicz, Grzegorz ; Pilarska, Malwina ; Guskos, Aleksander ; et al.

Magnetic reversal dynamics of a quantum system on a picosecond timescaleThis result set contains:

Klenov, Nikolay; Kuznetsov, Alexey; Soloviev, Igor; Bakurskiy, Sergey; Tikhonova, Olga

Magnetic separation-based blood purification: a promising new approach for the removal of disease-causing compounds?This result set contains:

Herrmann, I K; Schlegel, A A; Graf, R; Stark, W J; Beck-Schimmer, Beatrice

Magnetic spectroscopy of nanoparticle Brownian motion measurement of microenvironment matrix rigidityThis result set contains:

Weaver, John B.; Rauwerdink, Kristen M.; Rauwerdink, Adam M.; Perreard, Irina M.

Magnetic targeting with superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for in vivo gliomaThis result set contains:

Fontes de Paula Aguiar, Marina; Bustamante Mamani, Javier; Klei Felix, Taylla; Ferreira dos Reis, Rafael; Rodrigues da Silva, Helio; et al.

Magnetically recoverable nano-catalysts in sulfoxidation reactionsThis result set contains:

Kazemi, Mosstafa; Ghobadi, Massoud