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Hollow plasmonic antennas for broadband SERS spectroscopyThis result set contains:

Messina, Gabriele; Malerba, Mario; Zilio, Pierfrancesco; Miele, Ermanno; Dipalo, Michele; et al.

Hollow spheres: crucial building blocks for novel nanostructures and nanophotonicsThis result set contains:

Zhong, Kuo; Song, Kai; Clays, Koen

Ibuprofen loaded nano-ethanolic liposomes carbopol gel system: in vitro characterization and anti-inflammatory efficacy assessment in Wistar ratsThis result set contains:

Moghaddam, Atefeh Afshar; Ahad, Abdul; Aqil, Mohd.; Ahmad, Farhan J.; Sultana, Yasmin; et al.

Influence of post-annealing on the off current of MoS2 field-effect transistorsThis result set contains:

Namgung, Seok Daniel; Yang, Suk; Park, Kyung; Cho, Ah-Jin; Kim, Hojoong; et al.

The influence of the size and aspect ratio of anisotropic, porous CaCO3 particles on their uptake by cellsThis result set contains:

Parakhonskiy, Bogdan; Zyuzin, Mikhail V; Yashchenok, Alexey; Carregal-Romero, Susana; Rejman, Joanna; et al.

Influencing Factor Investigation on Dynamic Hydrothermal Growth of Gapped Hollow BaTiO3 NanospheresThis result set contains:

Gao, Jiabing; Shi, Haiyue; Yang, Jing; Li, Tao; Zhang, Rui; et al.

Insight into the working wavelength of hotspot effects generated by popular nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Wang, Zhong ; Cai, Kesu ; Lu, Yang ; Wu, Haining ; Li, Yuee ; et al.