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A facile method for the preparation of bifunctional Mn:ZnS/ZnS/Fe3O4 magnetic and fluorescent nanocrystalsThis result set contains:

Labiadh, Houcine; Ben Chaabane, Tahar; Sibille, Romain; Balan, Lavinia; Schneider, Raphaël

Facile solvothermal synthesis of bimetallic CoMoS2 and NiMoS2 nanospheresThis result set contains:

Akram, Hanane; Mateos-Pedrero, Cecilia; Gallegos-Suárez, Esteban; Guerrero-Ruíz, Antonio; Chafik, Tarik; et al.

Facile synthesis of composition-tuned ZnO/Zn Cd1- Se nanowires for photovoltaic applicationsThis result set contains:

Luo, Qiang; Wu, Zhiming; He, Jialun; Cao, Yiyan; Bhutto, Waseem Ahmed; et al.

Formation of dimers of light noble atoms under encapsulation within fullerene’s voidsThis result set contains:

Nikolaienko, Tymofii Yu; Kryachko, Eugene S

Formation of pure Cu nanocrystals upon post-growth annealing of Cu–C material obtained from focused electron beam induced deposition: comparison of different methodsThis result set contains:

Szkudlarek, Aleksandra; Rodrigues Vaz, Alfredo; Zhang, Yucheng; Rudkowski, Andrzej; Kapusta, Czesław; et al.

Formation of stable Si–O–C submonolayers on hydrogen-terminated silicon(111) under low-temperature conditionsThis result set contains:

Khung, Yit Lung; Ngalim; Scaccabarozzi, Andrea; Narducci, Dario

Formation of substrate-based gold nanocage chains through dealloying with nitric acidThis result set contains:

Yan, Ziren; Wu, Ying; Di, Junwei

Fullerene adsorption on intermetallic compounds of increasing structural complexityThis result set contains:

Ledieu, Julian; Gaudry, Émilie; Fournée, Vincent; Smerdon, J. A.; Diehl, Renee D.

Fulleropeptide esters as potential self-assembled antioxidantsThis result set contains:

Bjelaković; Kop; Đorđević; Milić