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Mutation of arginine residues to avoid non-specific cellular uptakes for hepatitis B virus core particlesThis result set contains:

Bin Mohamed Suffian, Izzat Fahimuddin; Nishimura, Yuya; Morita, Kenta; Nakamura-Tsuruta, Sachiko; Al-Jamal, Khuloud T; et al.

Nano-mupirocin: enabling the parenteral activity of mupirocinThis result set contains:

Cern, Ahuva; Michael-Gayego, Ayelet; Bavli, Yaelle; Koren, Erez; Goldblum, Amiram; et al.

The nanomedicine landscape of South AfricaThis result set contains:

Dube, Admire; Ebrahim, Naushaad

Nanoparticle-functionalized microcapsules for in vitro delivery and sensingThis result set contains:

Carregal-Romero, Susana; Ochs, Markus; Parak, Wolfgang J.

Nanoprocessing of layered crystalline materials by atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Miyake, Shojiro; Wang, Mei

Nanosphere-in-a-nanoegg: damping the high-order modes induced by symmetry breakingThis result set contains:

Qian, Jun; Sun, Yi-Ding; Li, Yu-Dong; Xu, Jing-Jun; Sun, Qian

Nanostructuring of GeTiO amorphous films by pulsed laser irradiationThis result set contains:

Teodorescu, Valentin; Ghica, Cornel; Maraloiu, Adrian; Vlaicu, Mihai; Kuncser, Andrei; et al.

Nanotheranostics: realizing the great promise?This result set contains:

Pitris, Costas; Odysseos, Andreani

Near-infrared emitting AgInTe2 and Zn-Ag-In-Te colloidal nanocrystalsThis result set contains:

Langevin, Marc-Antoine; Pons, Thomas; Ritcey, Anna M.; Nì. Allen, Claudine