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A compact structure for realizing Lorentzian, Fano, and electromagnetically induced transparency resonance lineshapes in a microring resonatorThis result set contains:

Gu, Linpeng ; Fang, Hanlin ; Li, Juntao ; Fang, Liang ; Chua, Soo Jin ; et al.

Coupling light and sound: giant nonlinearities from oscillating bubbles and dropletsThis result set contains:

Maksymov, Ivan S. ; Greentree, Andrew D.

3D Hierarchical Bi2S3 Nanostructures by Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) and Chloride Ion-Assisted Synthesis and Their Photodetecting PropertiesThis result set contains:

Ding, Taotao; Dai, Jiangnan; Xu, Juan; Wang, Jin; Tian, Wu; et al.

Emerging rare-earth doped material platforms for quantum nanophotonicsThis result set contains:

Zhong, Tian ; Goldner, Philippe

Fabrication of high-resolution nanostructures of complex geometry by the single-spot nanolithography methodThis result set contains:

Samardak, Alexander; Anisimova, Margarita; Samardak; Ognev, Alexey

Graphene-based optical modulatorsThis result set contains:

Luo, Siyuan; Wang, Yanan; Tong, Xin; Wang, Zhiming

In situ SU-8 silver nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Fischer, Søren; Uthuppu, Basil; Jakobsen, Mogens

Light-emitting metasurfacesThis result set contains:

Vaskin, Aleksandr ; Kolkowski, Radoslaw ; Koenderink, A. Femius ; Staude, Isabelle

One-dimensional carbon nanotube@barium titanate@polyaniline multiheterostructures for microwave absorbing applicationThis result set contains:

Ni, Qing-Qing; Zhu, Yao-Feng; Yu, Lu-Jun; Fu, Ya-Qin

Patterning technique for gold nanoparticles on substrates using a focused electron beamThis result set contains:

Noriki, Takahiro; Abe, Shogo; Kajikawa, Kotaro; Shimojo, Masayuki