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Advanced light-trapping effect of thin-film solar cell with dual photonic crystalsThis result set contains:

Zhang, Anjun; Guo, Zhongyi; Tao, Yifei; Wang, Wei; Mao, Xiaoqin; et al.

Atomic layer deposition for fabrication of HfO2/Al2O3 thin films with high laser-induced damage thresholdsThis result set contains:

Wei, Yaowei; Pan, Feng; Zhang, Qinghua; Ma, Ping

Atto-Joule, high-speed, low-loss plasmonic modulator based on adiabatic coupled waveguidesThis result set contains:

Dalir, Hamed; Mokhtari-Koushyar, Farzad; Zand, Iman; Heidari, Elham; Xu, Xiaochuan; et al.

Biosensor for human IgE detection using shear-mode FBAR devicesThis result set contains:

Chen, Ying-Chung; Shih, Wei-Che; Chang, Wei-Tsai; Yang, Chun-Hung; Kao, Kuo-Sheng; et al.

Focused-ion-beam-based nano-kirigami: from art to photonicsThis result set contains:

Li, Jiafang; Liu, Zhiguang

Near-field scanning optical microscopy nanoprobesThis result set contains:

Fleischer, Monika

Optical Fiber Devices Based on Nanoscale Self-AssemblyThis result set contains:

Arregui, Francisco J.; Claus, Richard O.; Matias, Ignacio R.; Olza, Miguel; Luquin, Elena; et al.

Optical integrated chips with micro and nanostructures for refractive index and SERS-based optical label-free sensing This result set contains:

Liu, Liu; Jin, Mingliang; Shi, Yaocheng; Lin, Jiao; Zhang, Yuan; et al.

Polarization-independent tunable optical filter with variable bandwidth based on silicon-on-insulator waveguidesThis result set contains:

Wang, Haoyan; Dai, Jincheng; Jia, Hao; Shao, Sizhu; Fu, Xin; et al.

Preparation of NiO two-dimensional grainy films and their high-performance gas sensors for ammonia detectionThis result set contains:

Wang, Jian; Yang, Pan; Wei, Xiaowei; Zhou, Zhihua