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All-Optical Switching in Ultrashort Photonic Crystal Couplers Modified Y-branch StructureThis result set contains:

Zahravi, Masoud; Zahravi, Mitra; Alipour-Banaei, Hamed

Bandgap Management in Two-dimensional Photonic Crystal Thue-Morse StructuresThis result set contains:

Mehdizadeh, Farhad; Alipour-Banaei, Hamed

Computational Study of Photonic Crystal Resonator for Biosensor ApplicationThis result set contains:

Benmerkhi, A.; Bouchemat, M.; Bouchemat, T.

Coupling of deterministically activated quantum emitters in hexagonal boron nitride to plasmonic surface lattice resonancesThis result set contains:

Proscia, Nicholas V. ; Collison, Robert J. ; Meriles, Carlos A. ; Menon, Vinod M.

Enhanced NH3-Sensitivity of Reduced Graphene Oxide Modified by Tetra-α-Iso-Pentyloxymetallophthalocyanine DerivativesThis result set contains:

Li, Xiaocheng; Wang, Bin; Wang, Xiaolin; Zhou, Xiaoqing; Chen, Zhimin; et al.

Functionalization of graphene using deep eutectic solventsThis result set contains:

Hayyan, Maan; Abo-Hamad, Ali; AlSaadi, Mohammed AbdulHakim; Hashim, Mohd Ali

Graphene quantum interference photodetectorThis result set contains:

Alam, Mahbub; Voss, Paul

Multicolor Photodetector of a Single Er3+-Doped CdS NanoribbonThis result set contains:

Dedong, Hou; Ying-Kai, Liu; Yu, De-Peng