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Advanced photocatalytic materials by nanocarbon hybrid materialsThis result set contains:

Centi, Gabriele; Perathoner, Siglinda

Dual-Quantum-Dots-Labeled Lateral Flow Strip Rapidly Quantifies Procalcitonin and C-reactive ProteinThis result set contains:

Qi, XiaoPing; Huang, YunYe; Lin, ZhongShi; Xu, Liang; Yu, Hao

Effect of Electrochemical Charge Injection on the Photoluminescence Properties of CdSe Quantum Dot Monolayers Anchored to Oxide SubstratesThis result set contains:

Ingole, Pravin P.; Hickey, Stephen G.; Waurisch, Christian; Gaponik, Nikolai; Eychmüller, Alexander

Fabrication of amperometric cholesterol biosensor based on SnO2 nanoparticles and Nafion-modified carbon paste electrodeThis result set contains:

Tığ, Gözde Aydoğdu; Zeybek, Derya Koyuncu; Pekyardımcı, Şule

Investigation of monolithic passively mode-locked quantum dot lasers with extremely low repetition frequencyThis result set contains:

Xu, Tianhong; Cao, Juncheng; Montrosset, Ivo

Mapping bound plasmon propagation on a nanoscale stripe waveguide using quantum dots: influence of spacer layer thicknessThis result set contains:

Perera, Chamanei; Funston, Alison; Cheng, Han-Hao; Vernon, Kristy

MaterialsThis result set contains:

Rabus, Dominik G.

Near-infrared electrogenerated chemiluminescence from quantum dotsThis result set contains:

Wang, Jing; Han, Heyou

Nonlinear optical properties of near-infrared region Ag2S quantum dots pumped by nanosecond laser pulsesThis result set contains:

Liu, Li-wei; Hu, Si-yi; Dou, Yin-ping; Liu, Tian-hang; Lin, Jing-quan; et al.

Production, detection, storage and release of spin currentsThis result set contains:

Cini, Michele