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Current and future prospects for nanotechnology in animal productionThis result set contains:

Hill, Emily K.; Li, Julang

Does nanobiotechnology create new tools to combat microorganisms?This result set contains:

Zielińska-Górska, Marlena K.; Sawosz, Ewa; Górski, Konrad; Chwalibog, André

Nanofibrous polyamide 6 scaffolds promote adhesion of endothelial cells This result set contains:

Khaimov, Valeria; Kohse, Stefanie; Arbeiter, Daniela; Grabow, Niels; Schmitz, Klaus-Peter

Nanoparticles as carriers of proteins, peptides and other therapeutic moleculesThis result set contains:

Pudlarz, Agnieszka; Szemraj, Janusz

Nanostructures: between natural environment and medical practiceThis result set contains:

Trovato, Maria Concetta; Andronico, Daniele; Sciacchitano, Salvatore; Ruggeri, Rosaria Maddalena; Picerno, Isa; et al.

Standardized technique of water permeability measurement for biomedical applications This result set contains:

Grossmann, Swen; Siewert, Stefan; Kohse, Stefanie; Ott, Robert; Schmidt, Wolfram; et al.