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Evaluation of High-Performance Curcumin Nanocrystals for Pulmonary Drug Delivery Both In Vitro and In Vivo This result set contains:

Hu, Liandong; Kong, Dongqian; Hu, Qiaofeng; Gao, Na; Pang, Saixi

Influence of surface roughness of dental zirconia implants on their mechanical stability, cell behavior and osseointegrationThis result set contains:

Strickstrock, Monika; Rothe, Holger; Grohmann, Steffi; Hildebrand, Gerhard; Zylla, Isabella M.; et al.

Lens-less scanning X-ray microscopy with SAXS and WAXS contrastThis result set contains:

Giannini, Cinzia; Altamura, Davide; Aresta, Brunella Maria; Sibillano, Teresa; Siliqi, Dritan; et al.

Nanocrystalline apatites: The fundamental role of waterThis result set contains:

Drouet, Christophe; Aufray, Maëlenn; Rollin-Martinet, Sabrina; Vandecandelaère, Nicolas; Grossin, David; et al.

Nanodiamonds for Biological ApplicationsThis result set contains:

Wu, Yuzhou; Weil, Tanja

Nanodiamonds protect skin from ultraviolet B-induced damage in miceThis result set contains:

Wu, Meng-Si; Sun, Der-Shan; Lin, Yu-Chung; Cheng, Chia-Liang; Hung, Shih-Che; et al.