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Green synthesis of novel antioxidant luminescent silica nanoparticle embedded carbon nanocomposites from a blue-green algaThis result set contains:

Nath, Abhijit; Das, Aparajita; Deb, Shoubhonik; Bhattacharjee, Chira R.; Rout, Jayashree

Magnetic PbFe12O19-TiO2 nanocomposites and their photocatalytic performance in the removal of toxic pollutantsThis result set contains:

Lahijani, Behnaz; Hedayati, Kambiz; Goodarzi, Mojtaba

NanocosmeticsThis result set contains:

Meinke, Martina C.; Lademann, Jürgen; Knorr, Fanny; Patzelt, Alexa; Lohan, Silke B.

A Novel Conductometric Urea Biosensor with Improved Analytical Characteristic Based on Recombinant Urease Adsorbed on Nanoparticle of SilicaliteThis result set contains:

Velychko, T. P.; Soldatkin, О. О.; Melnyk, V. G.; Marchenko, S. V.; Kirdeciler, S. K.; et al.