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Magnetic and electric properties of stoichiometric BiMnO3 thin filmsThis result set contains:

Lee, Bo Wha; Yoo, Pil Sun; Nam, Vu Binh; Toreh, Kirstie Raquel Natalia; Jung, Chang Uk

Magnetoelectric Effect in Ceramics Based on Bismuth FerriteThis result set contains:

Jartych, Elżbieta; Pikula, Tomasz; Kowal, Karol; Dzik, Jolanta; Guzdek, Piotr; et al.

A novel method to fabricate CoFe2O4/SrFe12O19 composite ferrite nanofibers with enhanced exchange coupling effectThis result set contains:

Pan, Lining; Cao, Derang; Jing, Panpan; Wang, Jianbo; Liu, Qingfang