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Topics:Magnetic Materials and Spinx
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Carbon coated magnetic nanoparticles as supports in microwave-assisted palladium catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura couplingsThis result set contains:

Wittmann, Sebastian; Majoral, Jean-Pierre; Grass, Robert N.; Stark, Wendelin J.; Reiser, Oliver

The fine structure of the neutral nitrogen-vacancy center in diamondThis result set contains:

Barson, Michael S.J. ; Krausz, Elmars ; Manson, Neil B. ; Doherty, Marcus W.

Influence of the incorporation of different chemically functionalized carbon nanotubes in polyurethane resin applied on aluminumThis result set contains:

Gobbi, Gabriela ; Rossa Beltrami, Lilian Vanessa ; Zattera, Ademir José

Magnetic Carbon Microspheres as a Reusable Adsorbent for Sulfonamide Removal from WaterThis result set contains:

Dai, Kewei; Wang, Fenghe; Jiang, Wei; Chen, Yajun; Mao, Jing; et al.

Magnetic properties of TiO2/graphitic carbon nanocompositesThis result set contains:

Typek, Janusz ; Guskos, Niko ; Zolnierkiewicz, Grzegorz ; Pilarska, Malwina ; Guskos, Aleksander ; et al.

Optical and magnetic properties of free-standing silicene, germanene and T-graphene systemThis result set contains:

Chowdhury, Suman; Bandyopadhyay, Arka; Dhar, Namrata; Jana, Debnarayan

Principles and techniques of the quantum diamond microscopeThis result set contains:

Levine, Edlyn V. ; Turner, Matthew J. ; Kehayias, Pauli ; Hart, Connor A. ; Langellier, Nicholas ; et al.