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Topics:Magnetic Materials and Spinx
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Anti-inflammatory mediators for molecular imaging of atherosclerosisThis result set contains:

Almer, Gunter; Opriessnig, Peter; Prassl, Ruth; Mangge, Harald

Diffusion of Hydrogen in Nanocrystalline Fe 90 Zr 10 This result set contains:

Hirscher, M.; Zimmer, S.; Kronmüller, H.

A facile method for the preparation of bifunctional Mn:ZnS/ZnS/Fe3O4 magnetic and fluorescent nanocrystalsThis result set contains:

Labiadh, Houcine; Ben Chaabane, Tahar; Sibille, Romain; Balan, Lavinia; Schneider, Raphaël

Models of Magnetizing FluidsThis result set contains:

Blums, Elmars; Cebers, Andrejs; Maiorov, Mikael M.

Non-reciprocal Transmission of Electromagnetic Waves in Asymmetric Photonic CrystalsThis result set contains:

Yu, Guanxia ; Du, Wenwen ; Zhang, Xiaomeng ; Luo, Min ; Xia, Lijuan

Optical and magnetic properties of free-standing silicene, germanene and T-graphene systemThis result set contains:

Chowdhury, Suman; Bandyopadhyay, Arka; Dhar, Namrata; Jana, Debnarayan

Single-crystalline chromium silicide nanowires and their physical propertiesThis result set contains:

Hsu, Han-Fu; Tsai, Ping-Chen; Lu, Kuo-Chang