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Characterization of Electrodeposited NiCo Films with Incorporated Ferrite (BaFe 12 O 19 ) Nano-ParticlesThis result set contains:

Cojocaru, Paula; Pahari, Sougata; Magagnin, Luca; Dietrich, Dagmar; Liebig, Andreas; et al.

Charge transfer and electromagnetic enhancement processes revealed in the SERS and TERS of a CoPc thin filmThis result set contains:

Chen, Yu-Ting ; Pan, Lin ; Horneber, Anke ; van den Berg, Marius ; Miao, Peng ; et al.

Effects of Ru and Ag cap layers on microstructure and magnetic properties of FePt ultrathin filmsThis result set contains:

Liu, Mingfeng; Jin, Tianli; Hao, Liang; Cao, Jiangwei; Wang, Ying; et al.

First-principles calculations of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Fe1− Co /MgO(001) thin filmsThis result set contains:

Cai, Guanzhi; Wu, Zhiming; Guo, Fei; Wu, Yaping; Li, Heng; et al.

Integrated nanoplasmonic waveguides for magnetic, nonlinear, and strong-field devicesThis result set contains:

Sederberg, Shawn; Firby, Curtis J.; Greig, Shawn R.; Elezzabi, Abdulhakem Y.

Intriguing photo-control of exchange bias in BiFeO3/La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 thin films on SrTiO3 substratesThis result set contains:

Sung, Kil Dong; Lee, Tae Kwon; Jung, Jong Hoon

Layer-by-layer self-assembly for controlled magnetic multilayer thin film fabricationThis result set contains:

Luo, Jin; Wang, Yanhua; Ren, Rong; Sun, Weilin; Shen, Zhiquan

Magnetic and electric properties of stoichiometric BiMnO3 thin filmsThis result set contains:

Lee, Bo Wha; Yoo, Pil Sun; Nam, Vu Binh; Toreh, Kirstie Raquel Natalia; Jung, Chang Uk

Magnetoelectric Effect in Ceramics Based on Bismuth FerriteThis result set contains:

Jartych, Elżbieta; Pikula, Tomasz; Kowal, Karol; Dzik, Jolanta; Guzdek, Piotr; et al.

MHD and Slip Effect on Two-immiscible Third Grade Fluid on Thin Film Flow over a Vertical Moving BeltThis result set contains:

Khan, Zeeshan; Tairan, Nasser; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Rasheed, Haroon Ur; Shah, Habib; et al.