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Antimony and antimony oxide@graphene oxide obtained by the peroxide route as anodes for lithium-ion batteriesThis result set contains:

Yu, Denis Y.W.; Batabyal, Sudip K.; Gun, Jenny; Sladkevich, Sergey; Mikhaylov, Alexey A.; et al.

Chip-integrated all-optical diode based on nonlinear plasmonic nanocavities covered with multicomponent nanocompositeThis result set contains:

Chai, Zhen; Hu, Xiaoyong; Yang, Hong; Gong, Qihuang

Conductance through single biphenyl molecules: symmetric and asymmetric coupling to electrodesThis result set contains:

Kanthasamy, Karthiga; Pfnür, Herbert

Conical islands of TiO2 nanotube arrays in the photoelectrode of dye-sensitized solar cellsThis result set contains:

Kim, Woong-Rae; Park, Hun; Choi, Won-Youl

Cr effects on the electrical contact properties of the Al2O3-Cu/15W compositesThis result set contains:

Zhang, Xiaohui ; Zhang, Yi ; Tian, Baohong ; Jia, Yanlin ; Liu, Yong ; et al.

Dielectric behavior of ceramic–graphene composites around the percolation thresholdThis result set contains:

Fernández-García, Lucía; Suárez, Marta; Menéndez, José Luis; Pecharromán, Carlos; Menéndez, Rosa; et al.

Durability Improvement of Pt/RGO Catalysts for PEMFC by Low-Temperature Self-Catalyzed ReductionThis result set contains:

Sun, Kang Gyu; Chung, Jin Suk; Hur, Seung Hyun

Effect of Graphene Oxide on the Properties of Porous SiliconThis result set contains:

Olenych, Igor B.; Aksimentyeva, Olena I.; Monastyrskii, Liubomyr S.; Horbenko, Yulia Yu.; Partyka, Maryan V.; et al.

Effects of a Cu O Buffer Layer on a SiO -Based Memory Device in a Vaporless EnvironmentThis result set contains:

Liu, Chih-Yi; Huang, Zheng-Yao

Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Made from High Catalytic Ability of Polypyrrole@Platinum Counter ElectrodeThis result set contains:

Ma, Xingping; Yue, Gentian; Wu, Jihuai; Lan, Zhang