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Additive manufacturing of photosensitive hydrogels for tissue engineering applicationsThis result set contains:

Qin, Xiao-Hua; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr; Stampfl, Jürgen; Liska, Robert

Conjugated polymers for organic electronicsThis result set contains:

Allard, N.; Leclerc, M.

Electrical Characterization of Amorphous Silicon MIS-Based Structures for HIT Solar Cell ApplicationsThis result set contains:

García, Héctor; Castán, Helena; Dueñas, Salvador; Bailón, Luis; García-Hernansanz, Rodrigo; et al.

Electronic interaction in composites of a conjugated polymer and carbon nanotubes: first-principles calculation and photophysical approachesThis result set contains:

Massuyeau, Florian; Wéry, Jany; Duvail, Jean-Luc; Lefrant, Serge; Yaya, Abu; et al.

Electrospinning for nano- to mesoscale photonic structuresThis result set contains:

Skinner, Jack L.; Andriolo, Jessica M.; Murphy, John P.; Ross, Brandon M.

Enhanced and tunable photoluminescence of polyphenylenevinylenes confined in nanocomposite filmsThis result set contains:

Posudievsky, Oleg Yu; Papakin, Mykhailo S; Boiko, Oleksandr P; Koshechko, Vyachesalv G; Pokhodenko, Vitaly D

Exploring the Intrinsic Piezofluorochromic Mechanism of TPE-An by STS TechniqueThis result set contains:

Jin, Shunyu; Tian, Yan; Liu, Fei; Deng, Shaozhi; Chen, Jun; et al.

Near-infrared electrogenerated chemiluminescence from quantum dotsThis result set contains:

Wang, Jing; Han, Heyou