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All-Optical Switching in Ultrashort Photonic Crystal Couplers Modified Y-branch StructureThis result set contains:

Zahravi, Masoud; Zahravi, Mitra; Alipour-Banaei, Hamed

Controllable size-selective method to prepare graphene quantum dots from graphene oxideThis result set contains:

Fan, Tianju; Zeng, Wenjin; Tang, Wei; Yuan, Chunqiu; Tong, Songzhao; et al.

Cu1.94S-Assisted Growth of Wurtzite CuInS2 Nanoleaves by In Situ Copper SulfidationThis result set contains:

Cai, Chunqi; Zhai, Lanlan; Zou, Chao; Li, Zhensong; Zhang, Lijie; et al.

Enhanced performance of photonic crystal GaN light-emitting diodes with graphene transparent electrodesThis result set contains:

Ge, Hai-Liang; Xu, Chen; Xu, Kun; Xun, Meng; Wang, Jun; et al.

Graphene quantum interference photodetectorThis result set contains:

Alam, Mahbub; Voss, Paul

Multicolor Photodetector of a Single Er3+-Doped CdS NanoribbonThis result set contains:

Dedong, Hou; Ying-Kai, Liu; Yu, De-Peng

Nitrogen-doped graphene films from chemical vapor deposition of pyridine: influence of process parameters on the electrical and optical propertiesThis result set contains:

Capasso, Andrea; Dikonimos; Sarto, Francesca; Tamburrano, Alessio; De Bellis, Giovanni; et al.

Optical Properties of Pyrolytic Carbon Films Versus Graphite and GrapheneThis result set contains:

Dovbeshko, Galyna I; Romanyuk, Volodymyr R; Pidgirnyi, Denys V; Cherepanov, Vsevolod V; Andreev, Eugene O; et al.