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Analysis of soil bacteria susceptibility to manufactured nanoparticles via data visualizationThis result set contains:

Liu, Rong; Ge, Yuan; Holden, Patricia; Cohen, Yoram

Assessment of specific absorption rate reduction in human head using metamaterialThis result set contains:

Faruque, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul; Mohamed, Nik Abdullah Nik

Dynamic near-field heat transfer between macroscopic bodies for nanometric gapsThis result set contains:

Sasihithlu, Karthik; Agarwal, Girish S.

Effects of Coherent Structures on Nanoparticle Coagulation and Dispersion in a Round JetThis result set contains:

Lin, J.Z.; Chan, T.L.; Liu, S.; Zhou, K.; Zhou, Y.; et al.

The eNanoMapper database for nanomaterial safety informationThis result set contains:

Jeliazkova, Nina; Chomenidis, Charalampos; Doganis, Philip; Fadeel, Bengt; Grafström, Roland; et al.

Experiences in supporting the structured collection of cancer nanotechnology data using caNanoLabThis result set contains:

Morris, Stephanie; Gaheen, Sharon; Lijowski, Michal; Heiskanen, Mervi; Klemm, Juli

Framework for automatic information extraction from research papers on nanocrystal devicesThis result set contains:

Dieb, Thaer; Yoshioka, Masaharu; Hara, Shinjiro; Newton, Marcus

How decision analysis can further nanoinformaticsThis result set contains:

Bates, Matthew; Larkin, Sabrina; Keisler, Jeffrey; Linkov, Igor