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Crystallographic orientation-dependent pattern replication in direct imprint of aluminum nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Yuan, Ying; Zhang, Junjie; Sun, Tao; Liu, Cong; Geng, Yanquan; et al.

The Effect of Variable Viscosities on Micropolar Flow of Two NanofluidsThis result set contains:

Nadeem, S.; Ahmed, Z.; Saleem, S.

First-principles calculations of mechanical and thermodynamic properties of tungsten-based alloyThis result set contains:

Li, Heng ; Zhang, Xin ; Liu, Qijun ; Liu, Yangyang ; Liu, Haifeng ; et al.

Flow and Heat Transfer in a Newtonian Nanoliquid due to a Curved Stretching SheetThis result set contains:

Siddheshwar, Pradeep Ganapathi; Nerolu, Meenakshi; Pažanin, Igor

High-bandwidth multimode self-sensing in bimodal atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Ruppert, Michael; Moheimani

High-resolution X-ray diffraction analysis of strain distribution in GaN nanowires on Si(111) substrateThis result set contains:

Stanchu, Hryhorii; Kladko, Vasyl; Kuchuk, Andrian V; Safriuk, Nadiia; Belyaev, Alexander; et al.

Mechanical contribution of vascular smooth muscle cells in the tunica media of arteryThis result set contains:

Mozafari, Hozhabr ; Zhou, Changchun ; Gu, Linxia