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Can molecular projected density of states (PDOS) be systematically used in electronic conductance analysis?This result set contains:

Rangel, Tonatiuh; Rignanese, Gian-Marco; Olevano, Valerio

Dynamic near-field heat transfer between macroscopic bodies for nanometric gapsThis result set contains:

Sasihithlu, Karthik; Agarwal, Girish S.

Gas Separation in Nanoporous Graphene from Molecular Dynamics Simulation This result set contains:

Mohammad R. Gharibzahedi, Sayyed; Karimi-Sabet, Javad

Mathematical Modelling of Hydromagnetic Casson non-Newtonian Nanofluid Convection Slip Flow from an Isothermal SphereThis result set contains:

Rao, A. Subba; Sainath, Seela; Rajendra, P.; Ramu, G.

Modeling Nanoparticle Targeting to a Vascular Surface in Shear Flow Through Diffusive Particle DynamicsThis result set contains:

Peng, Bei; Liu, Yang; Zhou, Yihua; Yang, Longxiang; Zhang, Guocheng; et al.

Surface excitations in the modelling of electron transport for electron-beam-induced deposition experimentsThis result set contains:

Salvat-Pujol, Francesc; Valentí, Roser; Werner, Wolfgang