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Alternative types of molecule-decorated atomic chains in Au–CO–Au single-molecule junctionsThis result set contains:

Balogh, Zoltán; Makk, Péter; Halbritter, András

Broad-Band Substrate-Free Planar Metamaterial Lens Based on a Geometric Transformation of PolygonThis result set contains:

Pen, Tianyu; Huang, Bing; Sun, Hao; Sun, Xiaowei; Li, Lingyun

Catalytic Production of Carbon Nanotubes in a Swirled Fluid Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor This result set contains:

Iyuke, Sunny Esayegbemu; Afolabi, Samuel Ayo; Abdulkareem, Saka Ambali; Piennar, Christo H.Vz

Chains of carbon atoms: A vision or a new nanomaterial?This result set contains:

Banhart, Florian

Characterization and modeling of nanotips fabricated in the field ion microscopeThis result set contains:

Ali, Ahmed; Barada, Hassan; Rezeq, Moh’d

The CO2 Storage Capacity of the Intercalated Diaminoalkane Graphene Oxides: A Combination of Experimental and Simulation StudiesThis result set contains:

Xu, Jing; Xing, Wei; Zhao, Lianming; Guo, Feifei; Wu, Xiaozhong; et al.

Continuum models of focused electron beam induced processingThis result set contains:

Toth, Milos; Lobo, Charlene; Friedli, Vinzenz; Szkudlarek, Aleksandra; Utke, Ivo

Crystal growth from cluster to bulk materials via nanomaterialsThis result set contains:

Goubet, Nicolas; Pileni, Marie-Paule