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Formation of dimers of light noble atoms under encapsulation within fullerene’s voidsThis result set contains:

Nikolaienko, Tymofii Yu; Kryachko, Eugene S

Insight into the working wavelength of hotspot effects generated by popular nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Wang, Zhong ; Cai, Kesu ; Lu, Yang ; Wu, Haining ; Li, Yuee ; et al.

Nano-mupirocin: enabling the parenteral activity of mupirocinThis result set contains:

Cern, Ahuva; Michael-Gayego, Ayelet; Bavli, Yaelle; Koren, Erez; Goldblum, Amiram; et al.

Nanosphere-in-a-nanoegg: damping the high-order modes induced by symmetry breakingThis result set contains:

Qian, Jun; Sun, Yi-Ding; Li, Yu-Dong; Xu, Jing-Jun; Sun, Qian

Sintered Carbon Nanomaterials: Structural Change and Adsorption PropertiesThis result set contains:

Strokova, Natalia; Savilov, Serguei; Xia, Hui; Aldoshin, Serguei; Lunin, Valery

Statistics of work and orthogonality catastrophe in discrete level systems: an application to fullerene molecules and ultra-cold trapped Fermi gasesThis result set contains:

Sindona, Antonello; Pisarra, Michele; Gravina, Mario; Vacacela Gomez, Cristian; Riccardi, Pierfrancesco; et al.