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Gas Separation in Nanoporous Graphene from Molecular Dynamics Simulation This result set contains:

Mohammad R. Gharibzahedi, Sayyed; Karimi-Sabet, Javad

Molecular dynamics simulation of nanofluidicsThis result set contains:

Chen, Xueye

Reaction Rate Enhancement in Nanoporous Materials with Single-File BehaviourThis result set contains:

Kärger, Jörg; Bräuer, Peter; Pfeifer, Harry

Solid polymer proton conducting electrolytes for fuel cellsThis result set contains:

Bonis, C. de; D’Epifanio, A.; Mecheri, B.; Licoccia, S.; Tavares, A. C.

X-ray computed tomography in Zernike phase contrast mode at 8 keV with 50-nm resolution using Cu rotating anode X-ray sourceThis result set contains:

Tkachuk, Andrei; Duewer, Fred; Cui, Hongtao; Feser, Michael; Wang, Steve; et al.