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Analysis of Residual Stress Gradient in MEMS Multi-layer StructureThis result set contains:

Qian, Jin; Zhao, Ya-Pu; Zhu, Ru-Zeng; Yu, Tong-Xi

Characterization and modeling of nanotips fabricated in the field ion microscopeThis result set contains:

Ali, Ahmed; Barada, Hassan; Rezeq, Moh’d

Computational Study of the Cation-Modified GSH Peptide Interactions With Perovskite-Type BFO-(111) Membranes Under Aqueous ConditionsThis result set contains:

Bian, Liang; Dong, Fa-qin; Song, Mian-xin; Xu, Jin-bao; Zhang, Xiao-yan

Estimation of the Charge-Collection Efficiency of Dye-Sensitized Nanocrystalline TiO 2 Solar Cells This result set contains:

Schlichthörl, G.; Park, N. G.; Frank, A. J.

Exploring plasmonic coupling in hole-cap arraysThis result set contains:

Schmidt, Thomas; Frederiksen, Maj; Bochenkov, Vladimir; Sutherland, Duncan

Exploring the Intrinsic Piezofluorochromic Mechanism of TPE-An by STS TechniqueThis result set contains:

Jin, Shunyu; Tian, Yan; Liu, Fei; Deng, Shaozhi; Chen, Jun; et al.

First-principles calculations of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Fe1− Co /MgO(001) thin filmsThis result set contains:

Cai, Guanzhi; Wu, Zhiming; Guo, Fei; Wu, Yaping; Li, Heng; et al.

Laser-written colours on silver: optical effect of alumina coatingThis result set contains:

Guay, Jean-Michel ; Calà Lesina, Antonino ; Killaire, Graham ; Gordon, Peter G. ; Hahn, Choloong ; et al.

Light Trapping Enhancement in a Thin Film with 2D Conformal Periodic Hexagonal ArraysThis result set contains:

Yang, Xi; Zhou, Suqiong; Wang, Dan; He, Jian; Zhou, Jun; et al.

MHD and Slip Effect on Two-immiscible Third Grade Fluid on Thin Film Flow over a Vertical Moving BeltThis result set contains:

Khan, Zeeshan; Tairan, Nasser; Mashwani, Wali Khan; Rasheed, Haroon Ur; Shah, Habib; et al.