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Catalytic activities of noble metal atoms on WO3 (001): nitric oxide adsorptionThis result set contains:

Ren, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Shuai; Li, Chong; Li, Shunfang; Jia, Yu; et al.

Chances and limitations of nanosized titanium dioxide practical application in view of its physicochemical propertiesThis result set contains:

Bogdan, Janusz; Jackowska-Tracz, Agnieszka; Zarzyńska, Joanna; Pławińska-Czarnak, Joanna

Grain boundaries in nanocrystalline catalytic materials as a source of surface chemical functionalityThis result set contains:

Landau, Miron V.; Vidruk, Roxana; Vingurt, Dmitro; Fuks, David; Herskowitz, Moti

Improved wood properties via two-step grafting with itaconic acid (IA) and nano-SiO2This result set contains:

Han, Xiaoshuai; Yin, Yihui; Zhang, Qinqin; Li, Ren; Pu, Junwen

NH3-treated WO3 as low-cost and efficient counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsThis result set contains:

Song, Dandan; Chen, Zhao; Cui, Peng; Li, Meicheng; Zhao, Xing; et al.

Primary human nasal epithelial cell response to titanium surface with a nanonetwork structure in nasal implant applicationsThis result set contains:

Yang, Wei-En; Lan, Ming-Ying; Lee, Sheng-Wei; Chang, Jeng-Kuei; Huang, Her-Hsiung

Quantum Mechanical Study of γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticle as a Nanocarrier for Anticancer Drug DeliveryThis result set contains:

Lari, Hadi; Morsali, Ali; Heravi, Mohammad Momen

Structural Investigations on Nanocomposite Mixed Metal Oxide Powders Used in Surface CatalysisThis result set contains:

Krishnan, Venkata; Heislbetz, Sandra; Bertagnolli, Helmut