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Adsorption of Cadmium on Gel Combustion Derived Nano ZnOThis result set contains:

V, Venkatesham; G.M, Madhu; S V, Satyanarayana; H S, Preetham

Bio-adsorbent derived from papaya peel waste and magnetic nanoparticles fabricated for lead determinationThis result set contains:

Abbaszadeh, Sahar; Nodeh, Hamid Rashidi; Alwi, Sharifah Rafidah Wan

Catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compoundsThis result set contains:

Li, Shuangde; Chen, Yunfa

Chemical remediation of wood treated with micronised, nano or soluble copper preservativesThis result set contains:

Kartal, Saip Nami; Terzi, Evren; Woodward, Bessie; Clausen, Carol A.; Lebow, Stan T.

Functional catalysts for catalytic removal of formaldehyde from airThis result set contains:

Etim, Ubong Jerome; Zhong, Ziyi; Yan, Zifeng; Bai, Peng

Green biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Azolla pinnata whole plant hydroalcoholic extractThis result set contains:

Korbekandi, Hassan; Chitsazi, Mohammad Reza; Asghari, Gholamreza; Najafi, Rahim Bahri; Badii, Akbar; et al.