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Nanophotonics using a subwavelength aperture in a metal filmThis result set contains:

Pang, Yuanjie; Gordon, Reuven

Near-field scanning optical microscopy nanoprobesThis result set contains:

Fleischer, Monika

A new conductometric biosensor based on horseradish peroxidase immobilized on chitosan and chitosan/gold nanoparticle filmsThis result set contains:

Valencia, Germán Ayala; de Oliveira Vercik, Luci Cristina; Vercik, Andrés

Optical integrated chips with micro and nanostructures for refractive index and SERS-based optical label-free sensing This result set contains:

Liu, Liu; Jin, Mingliang; Shi, Yaocheng; Lin, Jiao; Zhang, Yuan; et al.

Plasmonic gas and chemical sensingThis result set contains:

Tittl, Andreas; Giessen, Harald; Liu, Na

Random nanostructured metallic films for environmental monitoring and optical sensing: experimental and computational studiesThis result set contains:

Karbovnyk, Ivan; Collins, John; Bolesta, Ivan; Stelmashchuk, Andriy; Kolkevych, Antonina; et al.

Routing and photodetection in subwavelength plasmonic slot waveguidesThis result set contains:

Ly-Gagnon, Dany-Sebastien; Balram, Krishna C.; White, Justin S.; Wahl, Pierre; Brongersma, Mark L.; et al.

Spacer layer engineering for ultrasensitive Hg(II) detection on surface plasmon-coupled emission platformThis result set contains:

Badiya, Pradeep Kumar; Jayakumar, Tejkiran Pindi; Srinivasan, Venkatesh; Ramamurthy, Sai Sathish