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Cerium oxide hollow nanospheres prepared by polymermonomer self-assemblyThis result set contains:

Gao, Yongyi; Ding, Xiaobin; Zheng, Zhaohui; Peng, Yuxing

Colloidal Photoluminescent Refractive Index Nanosensor Using Plasmonic EffectsThis result set contains:

Guzatov, Dmitry V.; Gaponenko, Sergey V.; Demir, Hilmi V.

Color generation from self-organized metalo-dielectric nanopillar arraysThis result set contains:

Ravishankar, Ajith P. ; van Tilburg, Marvin A.J. ; Vennberg, Felix ; Visser, Dennis ; Anand, Srinivasan

Extremely high photocatalytic activity of polymer nanospheres embedded with CdS nanoparticles prepared by a novel methodThis result set contains:

Yuanpeng, Wu; Yongyi, Gao; Xiaobin, Ding; Zhaohui, Zheng; Yuxing, Peng

The formation and characterization of three-dimensional gold nanocrystal superlatticesThis result set contains:

Constantinides, Michael G.; Jaeger, Heinrich M.; Li, Xuefa; Wang, Jin; Lin, Xiao-Min

Gold nanocrystal arrays as electrocatalysts for the oxidation of methanol and ethanolThis result set contains:

Davi, Martin; Schultze, Tim; Kleinschmidt, Denise; Schiefer, Frank; Hahn, Birgit; et al.

Hierarchic self-assembling of silver nanoparticles in solutionThis result set contains:

Suber, Lorenza; Campi, Gaetano

Magnetic properties of self-organized Co dimer nanolines on Si/Ag(110)This result set contains:

Michez; Chen; Cheynis; Leroy; Ranguis; et al.

Nanophotonics and supramolecular chemistryThis result set contains:

Ariga, Katsuhiko; Komatsu, Hirokazu; Hill, Jonathan P.

Nanostructured phase-changeable heat transfer fluidsThis result set contains:

Xu, Jiajun; Yang, Bao