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Alkaline Earth Hydroxide Nanoparticles for the Inhibition of Metal Gall Ink CorrosionThis result set contains:

Poggi, Giovanna; Baglioni, Piero; Giorgi, Rodorico

Biofabrication of highly pure copper oxide nanoparticles using wheat seed extract and their catalytic activity: A mechanistic approachThis result set contains:

Buazar, Foad ; Sweidi, Sajjad ; Badri, Mohammad ; Kroushawi, Feisal

Catalytic oxidation of lignin to dicarboxylic acid over the CuFeS2 nanoparticle catalystThis result set contains:

Bi, Zhihao; Li, Zhihao; Yan, Lifeng

Catalytic performance of Ag, Au and Ag-Au nanoparticles synthesized by lichen extractThis result set contains:

Çıplak, Zafer; Gökalp, Ceren; Getiren, Bengü; Yıldız, Atila; Yıldız, Nuray

Fe-carbon nanoreactors obtained from molasses as efficient catalysts for limonene oxidationThis result set contains:

Wróblewska, Agnieszka; Makuch, Edyta; Młodzik, Jacek; Michalkiewicz, Beata

Shora (Capparis petiolaris) fruit mediated green synthesis and application of silver nanoparticlesThis result set contains:

Vizuete, Karla Sofía; Kumar, Brajesh; Guzmán, Katherine; Debut, Alexis; Cumbal, Luis