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Catalytic crosslinking of a regenerated hydrophobic benzylated cellulose and nano TiO2 composite for enhanced oil absorbencyThis result set contains:

Saliu, Oluwaseyi D.; Olatunji, Gabriel A.; Yakubu, Azeh; Arowona, Mariam T.; Mohammed, Aminat A.

Diatoms – A “Green” Way to Biosynthesize Gold-Silica Nanocomposites?This result set contains:

Pytlik, Nathalie; Butscher, Daniel; Machill, Susanne; Brunner, Eike

Green synthesis and antimicrobial activity of ZnO nanostructures Punica granatum shell extractThis result set contains:

Karaköse, Ercan; Çolak, Hakan; Duman, Fatih

Novel preparation and mechanical properties of in situ synthesized (TiB+La 2 O 3 )/TiNbTaZr compositesThis result set contains:

Li, Yue; Cheng, Xiaoxing; Wang, Liqiang; Lu, Weijie; Qin, Jining; et al.