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Carbon, carbon hybrids and composites for polymer electrolyte fuel cellsThis result set contains:

Trogadas, Panagiotis; Strasser, Peter

Catalytic properties of monometallic and bimetallic palladium and rhodium nanoparticles obtained in reverse micellar systemsThis result set contains:

Sergeev, Mihail O.; Revina, Alexandra A.; Busev, Sergey A.; Zolotarevskiy, Victor I.; Zhavoronkova, Kseniya N.; et al.

Hybrid Nanomaterials Based on Graphene and Gold Nanoclusters for Efficient Electrocatalytic Reduction of OxygenThis result set contains:

Wang, Changhong; Li, Na; Wang, Qiannan; Tang, Zhenghua

Lab-on-a-chip devices for gold nanoparticle synthesis and their role as a catalyst support for continuous flow catalysisThis result set contains:

Navin, Chelliah V.; Krishna, Katla Sai; Theegala, Chandra S.; Kumar, Challa S.S.R.

Magnetic nanocatalysts: supported metal nanoparticles for catalytic applicationsThis result set contains:

Rossi, Liane M.; Costa, Natália J.S.; Silva, Fernanda P.; Gonçalves, Renato V.

On the selective aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol with Pd/Au-nanoparticles in batch and flowThis result set contains:

Alex, Hannes; Steinfeldt, Norbert; Jähnisch, Klaus; Bauer, Matthias; Hübner, Sandra

Recyclable graphene-supported palladium nanocomposites for Suzuki coupling reactionThis result set contains:

Upadhyay, Praveenkumar Ramprakash; Srivastava, Vivek

Structural and electronic characterization of nanosized inorganic materials by X-ray absorption spectroscopiesThis result set contains:

Borfecchia, Elisa; Agostini, Giovanni; Bordiga, Silvia; Groppo, Elena; Garino, Claudio; et al.

Structural Investigations on Nanocomposite Mixed Metal Oxide Powders Used in Surface CatalysisThis result set contains:

Krishnan, Venkata; Heislbetz, Sandra; Bertagnolli, Helmut