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Topics:Magnetic Materials and Spinx
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Air-stable Co-, Fe-, and Fe/Co-Nanoparticles and FerrofluidsThis result set contains:

Behrens, Silke; Bönnemann, Helmut; Matoussevitch, Nina; Dinjus, Eckhard; Modrow, Hartwig; et al.

Electrodeposition of Fe-based Magnetic Alloy NanowiresThis result set contains:

Schlörb, Heike; Uhlemann, Margitta; Haehnel, Veronika; Iselt, Diana; Gebert, Annett

Facile synthesis of hexagonal strontium ferrite nanostructures and hard magnetic poly carbonate nanocompositeThis result set contains:

Ahmadi, Ali; Ghanbari, Davood; Nabiyouni, Gholamreza

First-principles calculations of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Fe1− Co /MgO(001) thin filmsThis result set contains:

Cai, Guanzhi; Wu, Zhiming; Guo, Fei; Wu, Yaping; Li, Heng; et al.

Magnetic nanocatalysts: supported metal nanoparticles for catalytic applicationsThis result set contains:

Rossi, Liane M.; Costa, Natália J.S.; Silva, Fernanda P.; Gonçalves, Renato V.

Production and Characterisation of Ferromagnetic Nanoscale Metal Powders Produced by Laser EvaporationThis result set contains:

Schaarschuch, Rolf; Moras, Konrad; Riehemann, Werner; Brendebach, Boris; Modrow, Hartwig

Structural and Magnetic Properties of Ni/NiOxide- and Co/CoOxide Core/Shell Nanoparticles and their possible Use for FerrofluidsThis result set contains:

Schneider, V.; Reinholdt, A.; Kreibig, U.; Weirich, T.; Güntherodt, G.; et al.