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Hollow metal nanostructures for enhanced plasmonics: synthesis, local plasmonic properties and applicationsThis result set contains:

Genç, Aziz; Patarroyo, Javier; Sancho-Parramon, Jordi; Bastús, Neus G.; Puntes, Victor; et al.

Invertase-nanogold clusters decorated plant membranes for fluorescence-based sucrose sensorThis result set contains:

Bagal-Kestwal, Dipali; Kestwal, Rakesh Mohan; Chiang, Been-Huang

Synthesis of Pt3Ni Microspheres with High Performance for Rapid Degradation of Organic DyesThis result set contains:

Wang, Min; Yang, Yushi; Long, Jia; Mao, Zhou; Qiu, Tong; et al.