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Effect of surfactant concentration on the morphology of MoxSy nanoparticles prepared by a solvothermal routeThis result set contains:

Akram, Hanane; Mateos-Pedrero, Cecilia; Gallegos-Suarez, Esteban; Chafik, Tarik; Guerrero-Ruiz, Antonio; et al.

Formation of pure Cu nanocrystals upon post-growth annealing of Cu–C material obtained from focused electron beam induced deposition: comparison of different methodsThis result set contains:

Szkudlarek, Aleksandra; Rodrigues Vaz, Alfredo; Zhang, Yucheng; Rudkowski, Andrzej; Kapusta, Czesław; et al.

Formation of substrate-based gold nanocage chains through dealloying with nitric acidThis result set contains:

Yan, Ziren; Wu, Ying; Di, Junwei

Fullerene adsorption on intermetallic compounds of increasing structural complexityThis result set contains:

Ledieu, Julian; Gaudry, Émilie; Fournée, Vincent; Smerdon, J. A.; Diehl, Renee D.

Radiolytic syntheses of hollow UO2 nanospheres in Triton X-100-based lyotropic liquid crystalsThis result set contains:

Wang, Yongming; Chen, Qingde; Shen, Xinghai