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Application of the apparent lattice parameter to determination of the core-shell structure of nanocrystalsThis result set contains:

Palosz, Bogdan; Stelmakh, Svetlana; Grzanka, Ewa; Gierlotka, Stanislaw; Palosz, Witold

Bioorthogonal chemistries for nanomaterial conjugation and targetingThis result set contains:

Rahim, Maha K.; Kota, Rajesh; Lee, Sumi; Haun, Jered B.

A brief overview on grain growth of bulk electrodeposited nanocrystalline nickel and nickel-iron alloysThis result set contains:

Ni, Haitao ; Zhu, Jiang ; Wang, Zhaodong ; Lv, Haiyang ; Su, Yongyao ; et al.

Characterization by HREMThis result set contains:

Oku, Takeo

Combined Effect of Surfactant and Ultrasound on Nano Calcium Carbonate Synthesized by Crystallization Process This result set contains:

Sonawane, Shirish H.; Deosarkar, Manik P.; Gumfekar, Sarang P.; Mahajan, Chantrashekhar M.; Meshram, Satish; et al.

Crystallographic orientation-dependent pattern replication in direct imprint of aluminum nanostructuresThis result set contains:

Yuan, Ying; Zhang, Junjie; Sun, Tao; Liu, Cong; Geng, Yanquan; et al.