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Axially connected nanowire core-shell p-n junctions: a composite structure for high-efficiency solar cellsThis result set contains:

Wang, Sijia; Yan, Xin; Zhang, Xia; Li, Junshuai; Ren, Xiaomin

Interfacing optical fibers with plasmonic nanoconcentratorsThis result set contains:

Tuniz, Alessandro; Schmidt, Markus A.

Spectrum Analysis of La 6 WO 12 :Eu 3+ and La 6 MoO 12 : Eu 3+ Nano-crystalsThis result set contains:

Qin, Chuanxiang; Chen, Guoqiang; Gu, Mingbo; Dai, Lixing

Tunable light filtering by a Bragg mirror/heavily doped semiconducting nanocrystal compositeThis result set contains:

Kriegel, Ilka; Scotognella, Francesco