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Effect of pH, ultrasound frequency and power density on the release of calcein from stealth liposomesThis result set contains:

Ahmed, Salma E.; Moussa, Hesham G.; Martins, Ana M.; Al-Sayah, Mohammad H.; Husseini, Ghaleb A.

Nanoprocessing of layered crystalline materials by atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Miyake, Shojiro; Wang, Mei

Templated fabrication of hollow nanospheres with ‘windows’ of accurate size and tunable numberThis result set contains:

Xie, Duan; Hou, Yidong; Su, Yarong; Gao, Fuhua; Du, Jinglei

Ultrasound-induced doxorubicin release from folate-targeted and non-targeted P105 micelles: a modeling studyThis result set contains:

Martins, Ana M.; Tanbour, Rafeeq; Elkhodiry, Mohammed A.; Husseini, Ghaleb A.