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Carbon nanomaterials and their application to electrochemical sensors: a reviewThis result set contains:

Power, Aoife C.; Gorey, Brian; Chandra, Shaneel; Chapman, James

Cu1.94S-Assisted Growth of Wurtzite CuInS2 Nanoleaves by In Situ Copper SulfidationThis result set contains:

Cai, Chunqi; Zhai, Lanlan; Zou, Chao; Li, Zhensong; Zhang, Lijie; et al.

A high-performance complementary inverter based on transition metal dichalcogenide field-effect transistorsThis result set contains:

Cho, Ah-Jin; Park, Kee Chan; Kwon, Jang-Yeon

Influence of post-annealing on the off current of MoS2 field-effect transistorsThis result set contains:

Namgung, Seok Daniel; Yang, Suk; Park, Kyung; Cho, Ah-Jin; Kim, Hojoong; et al.

Nanoprocessing of layered crystalline materials by atomic force microscopyThis result set contains:

Miyake, Shojiro; Wang, Mei

Seed/Catalyst-Free Growth of Gallium-Based Compound Materials on Graphene on Insulator by Electrochemical Deposition at Room TemperatureThis result set contains:

Rashiddy Wong, Freddawati; Ahmed Ali, Amgad; Yasui, Kanji; Hashim, Abdul Manaf

Synthesis of CaCO3 Nanobelts for Drug Delivery in Cancer TherapyThis result set contains:

Sun, Dongmei; Peng, Haibao; Wang, Shilong; Zhu, Dazhang

Transformation of hydrogen titanate nanoribbons to TiO2 nanoribbons and the influence of the transformation strategies on the photocatalytic performanceThis result set contains:

Rutar, Melita; Rozman, Nejc; Pregelj, Matej; Bittencourt, Carla; Cerc Korošec, Romana; et al.