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Bacterial celluloseThis result set contains:

Dufresne, Alain

Bi-layered electrospun nanofibrous polyurethane-gelatin scaffold with targeted heparin release profiles for tissue engineering applicationsThis result set contains:

Safikhani, Mohammad Mahdi; Zamanian, Ali; Ghorbani, Farnaz; Asefnejad, Azadeh; Shahrezaee, Mostafa

Comparative properties of nanofibers produced using unbleached and bleached wheat straw pulpsThis result set contains:

Ahmadi, Mohammad; Hedjazi, Sahab; Yousefi, Hossein

Fabrication of chitosan/PEO nanofiber mats with mica by electrospinningThis result set contains:

Chen, Qi; Xin, Zhen Xiang; Saha, Prosenjit; Kim, Jin Kuk

Fabrication of random and aligned-oriented cellulose acetate nanofibers containing betamethasone sodium phosphate: structural and cell biocompatibility evaluationsThis result set contains:

Saifoori, Saba; Fallah-Darrehchi, Mahshid; Zahedi, Payam; Bayandori Moghaddam, Abdolmajid

Functionalization of α-synuclein fibrilsThis result set contains:

Povilonienė, Simona; Časaitė, Vida; Bukauskas, Virginijus; Šetkus, Arūnas; Staniulis, Juozas; et al.

Polypropylene + boehmite nanocomposite fibersThis result set contains:

Škovranová, Lubica; Borsig, Eberhard; Streller, Rouven; Thomann, Ralf; Mülhaupt, Rolf; et al.

Preparation and characterization of poly(hydroxyurethane) /halloysite nanocomposites via in-situ polymerizationThis result set contains:

Tang, Zhaobin; Liu, Peng; Guo, Jinshan; Su, Zhixing

Preparation of microfibrillated celluloseThis result set contains:

Dufresne, Alain