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Carbon-Carbon CompositesThis result set contains:

Schlögl, Robert

Covalent functionalization of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with super-hydrophobic propertyThis result set contains:

Li, Minghua; Xu, Zhiyuan; Chen, Jinyang; Zhu, San-E

Dynamics of Optically-Generated Carriers in Si (100) and Si (111) Substrate-Grown GaAs/AlGaAs Core-Shell NanowiresThis result set contains:

delos Santos, Ramon; Ibañes, Jasher John; Balgos, Maria Herminia; Jaculbia, Rafael; Afalla, Jessica Pauline; et al.

Electrokinetic Properties of TiO 2 Nanotubular Surfaces This result set contains:

Lorenzetti, Martina; Gongadze, Ekaterina; Kulkarni, Mukta; Junkar, Ita; Iglič, Aleš

Functional Nanofibers with Multiscale Structure by Electrospinning This result set contains:

Chen, Ran; Liu, Junfeng; Sun, Zeyong; Chen, Dong

Growth mechanism of 3D graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid structureThis result set contains:

Saeidi, Mohammadreza

Heterometal nanoparticles from Ru-based molecular clusters covalently anchored onto functionalized carbon nanotubes and nanofibersThis result set contains:

Vidick, Deborah; Ke, Xiaoxing; Devillers, Michel; Poleunis, Claude; Delcorte, Arnaud; et al.

HREM analysis of nanostructured materialsThis result set contains:

Oku, Takeo

Influence of the shape and surface oxidation in the magnetization reversal of thin iron nanowires grown by focused electron beam induced depositionThis result set contains:

Rodríguez, Luis; Deen, Lorenz; Córdoba, Rosa; Magén, César; Snoeck, Etienne; et al.